Wedding Budgeting & Cost Saving Ideas


Wedding Budgeting

There is no way around it, a wedding is expensive. There are so many different costs, some obvious and some not. Your first step is to figure out your budget, then plan the ceremony and reception around this figure. Using our list of resources can help you save a lot of money and will help keep your cost in line. Don’t run the risk of going into debt. A good financial plan is the key.

How to Save

A wedding can be very expensive. You will have numerous vendor cost to deal with, your dress, the hall rental, reception fees and so much more. Check out this Huffington Post article to find ways to save money. Don’t let your budget stand in your way or having the wedding day or your dreams. Read More


How much wedding can you afford?

When planning your wedding the first step will be to determine what you can afford. Use this awesome page to figure out all the fees that you will need for each component of the wedding from flowers to thank you notes. Find the percentage of the total budget which will be spent on each vendor.

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Saving Tricks

In this day and age, everyone needs to spend their money wisely even when it comes to your wedding. Martha Stewart has over fifty tricks to help you save on wedding costs such as decorations, table settings, invitations and more. These simple ideas can help you save hundreds of dollars!

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Affordable Wedding Planning

You have dreamed of your wedding all your life, but can you afford the dream when the time comes? Don’t worry, you can plan a beautiful event that you will be proud of and remember for the rest of your life. Get some tips on how to plan the wedding of your dream while staying within your budget.

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Don’t Overlook these Costs

When planning your wedding, you will probably be aware of the most obvious costs. You will need flowers, a beautiful dress with all the accessories, invitations and the reception hall. But what about the costs that are not so obvious? Find the top ten costs that you may not be aware of from the

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Ways to Cut the Costs

An average wedding can cost well over $20,000 dollars, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fabulous wedding for much less. Use these tips to cut some of the cost of a wedding without losing any of the beauty. Have the wedding of your dreams without going into debt.

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Planning Your Wedding: What to Include

It’s not easy to remember everything that you will need when planning your wedding. Although some of your costs will be on the top of your list, there may be others that you are not aware of. has a list of all the components of a wedding including those hidden costs.

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DIY or Hire a Coordinator?

When planning a wedding there are two different ways to go. Hire a wedding coordinator or do the planning yourself. A wedding coordinator is someone who assists you with the design and management of your wedding. Get the facts on hiring a professional coordinator, what is expected of them and the correct question to ask.

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Wedding Apps

These days, most everyone has a smart phone or tablet. There are a number of awesome apps that can help your with your wedding planning tasks. A good app can help you stay focused and organized. They can be set to send timeline reminders and more. Find a list of the best apps.

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Save More

There are many wedding costs that cannot be avoided; however there are also numerous ways to save some money too. The Motley Fool has some practical advice for simple things that you can do to save a lot of money. Using these tricks can help save you almost ten thousand dollars!

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